What is NYSPOA?

The New York State Probation Officers Association (NYSPOA) was established in 1967. It is the only statewide professional organization of Probation Officers in New York. The NYSPOA assumes the responsibility of developing public relations, education programs, legislation, and standards that highlight, enhance, and promote the professionalism of our duties.

The NYSPOA Board is comprised of talented and passionate Officers who represent the fifty-seven Probation Departments from across the state. To ensure adequate representation, those departments are divided among fourteen regions. Each region is represented by their Regional Vice President(s). The Regional Vice Presidents communicate with their regional members to obtain information and concerns and relay this information to the Executive Board.

The NYSPOA maintains the following committees to address the Association’s efforts and concerns:

  • Board of Consultants
  • By-Law Review and Governance
  • Conference
  • Health and Safety
  • Legislation
  • Membership
  • Nominations and Elections (Executive Board positions)
  • Professional Education / Public Relations
  • Publications
  • Standards and Practice

Board members and active members are encouraged to join a committee.

The NYSPOA is an active participant in the legislative process. This includes being a voice for line Probation Officers during the State’s Budget Process and Legislative Session. We track pending legislation, along with advocating for the passage of bills which promote public safety and directly affect Probation Services. The NYSPOA takes positions on legislative initiatives and the adoption of the State Budget, which are presented through our Positon Papers, written and oral testimony, and meetings with State Legislators and the Executive Branch.

The NYSPOA hosts training conferences to further the education of Probation Officers. Our Conference is referred to by Robert Maccarone, State Director of the New York State Office of Probation and Correctional Alternatives (OPCA), as “The premiere training event for Probation in New York State.”

The NYSPOA works in conjunction with the New York State Council of Probation Administrators (COPA). The NYSPOA has strived to maintain a positive working relationship with COPA. By maintaining a professional relationship with this organization, we are able to collaborate with the administrators concerning the many issues that affect both administration and line staff in Probation. It is our mutual goal to find common ground and work together to improve Probation services throughout New York State.

The NYSPOA is often invited to participate on work groups initiated by the Office of Probation and Correctional Alternatives (OPCA), the state’s regulatory office charged with the administration of probation services.

The NYSPOA is also an affiliate member of the American Probation and Parole Association (APPA), the national association for Probation and Parole professionals. A representative of NYSPOA attends APPA Institutes and affiliate member meetings.

The NYSPOA has always supported a strong, unified Probation system in New York State and its membership provides us the opportunity to carry out our mission.

New York State Probation Officers Association Code of Ethics (est. 2013)

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