NYSPOA Nominations & Awards

The New York State Probation Officers Association annually recognizes colleagues who stand out as Probation professionals. We are requesting that you take the time to nominate a fellow Officer or group/unit of Officers.

*Please note, these awards are from the New York State Probation Officers Association and not from State Director Robert M. Maccarone of the Office of Probation and Correctional Alternatives (OPCA). The State Director will solicit for awards and honor those chosen at the NYSPOA awards luncheon.

Nominating Procedures

Nominations must be submitted by Friday, May 31, 2019 to permit appropriate follow-up and evaluation by the Awards Committee. Please fill out the NOMINATION FORM below.

The 2019 Honorees have been chosen and will be presented with their award during the awards luncheon on Thursday, August 1, 2019 at Resorts World Catskills.

The following is a description of each of the award categories and the nominating procedure. All candidates are reviewed for each eligible award title. THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO HONOR SOMEONE WHO INSPIRES YOU.

Please note: The awards (except The Presidential Award Category “B”) are for Line Officers who are not NYSPOA Board members.

The Award of Honor

The Award of Honor is given to a Probation Officer who performs a specific act which demonstrates extraordinary behavior in the face of circumstances which could have led to personal injury and/or death.

The Presidential Distinguished Service Award (A)

The Presidential Distinguished Service Award (A) is given to a Probation Officer annually who has displayed to any outstanding degree the kind of efficient or distinguished service which represents the highest standards and ideals of devoted public service. To qualify, a nominee should have displayed especially good judgment, initiative and competence in his or her discipline. Normally, candidates should have at least ten years of service, although exceptions may be made.

The Presidential Distinguished Service Award (B)

In the Presidential Distinguished Service Award (B) the NYSPOA President may additionally designate an honoree for dedicated service to the profession. Candidates include NYSPOA members past or present. The award may be given posthumously.

Jeannie Farrell Award of Achievement

The Jeannie Farrell Award of Achievement is given to a Probation Officer who, in the normal course of their position, goes beyond required limits and achieves results which deserve recognition. For example, candidates who show ingenuity and resourcefulness in decision making and job performance, unusual insight into problems, exceptional diligence and thoroughness in producing completed work, and above-standard degrees of proficiency, craftsmanship or professional competence are sought for this award.

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